Leading HR practitioners are lined up to speak at a Conference on ‘TALENT IN EMERGING AND GROWTH MARKETS – Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent in Non-Western Cultures’.

Scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkey on June 4th – 5th 2014, this important conference addresses the challenges faced in bringing a Western company to a non-Western market, and in harmonising local culture and working practices with the demands of a global enterprise.

TALENT IN EMERGING AND GROWTH MARKETS will bring together global, regional and local leaders in Talent, Branding, Recruitment and Development.  They will share their experiences, local knowledge and ground-breaking work in effectively acquiring and managing talented employees in new and growing markets.  Topics being covered include:

  • Effective employer brand and EVP customised for new territories
  • Graduate recruitment and attracting key talent
  • Working with local labour laws and employee relations
  • International mobility and attracting/managing ex-pats
  • Developing, engaging and retaining local talent
  • Multi-cultural leadership development programmes
  • Capability-building and organisation transformation

Kris Wadia, Founder, Humanized Leadership will headline one of the Conference streams on Day 1, on the topic of ‘Emerging Leaders from Emerging Markets – Winning the Trust of Head Office’

The high-profile attendees from Fortune 500 and fast-growing domestic companies will learn how to overcome the multitude of challenges faced by Emerging Leaders including:

  • The need to be perceived as more than just an email signature or a voice on a conference call
  • Managing the inevitable conflicts between national and social norms and the organization’s business culture
  • Overcoming the perception that they were appointed on the basis of cost savings, not merit

All of which combine to make building Trust between Leader and Team even harder than before.  Failure to do so risks losing the support of Head Office and consigning the Emerging Leader to failure.

Kris Wadia’s presentation will provide a holistic solution in the form of the ‘Humanized Leadership’ model which demonstrates how to:

  • Rapidly convert Head Office ‘Dis-Trust’ into ‘Distance Trust’ even when working virtually
  • Build a pipeline of talent of junior to mid-level executives, already conditioned to working cross-culturally
  • Use proven Performance Diagnostics to objectively set baselines and target specific areas for individual development

Most of his session will focus on answering attendees’ real-life questions and recommending practical and implementable solutions.  These will be strictly tied to business results such as improving employee engagement, morale and productivity and reducing employee litigation and reputational risks.

To register, visit https://www.tucana-global.com/conference/talent-in-emerginggrowth-markets or email contact@tucana-global.com and mention ‘Humanized Leadership’ for a special package deal- 2 nights free accommodation and an extra 150€ discount.