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Measure Trust
even within
Virtual Teams
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Turn Cross Cultural Communication
Life-long Business Partnerships
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Use Video Conferences
Improve Morale
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Convert Virtual Prospects
Real Clients
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Turn Local Employees
Global Leaders
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Raise Productivity
even during
Conference Calls
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Convert Dis-Trust
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Use FaceTime
as powerfully as
Face-to-Face Time
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Focus on Profits


Coaching for Senior Executives who lead virtual, cross cultural teams globally and want a ‘humanized’, not virtual, presence.

Training for Mid-Level Executives to practise solutions to real-life business challenges using role plays and case studies.

Library of Video FAQs that answer the questions all employees would like, but are afraid, to ask in public.


External Peer-to-Peer Circles for Senior Executives to interact with their peers in similar, non-competitive organizations.

Internal Mentoring Circles for Mid-Level Executives who will form the next generation of Senior Leaders.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration Circles for all levels of the organization to prepare them for working in a virtual, global world.


PEAC – Personal Effectiveness (and) Adaptability (across) Cultures, which measures adaptability for future cross-cultural leadership roles and personal effectiveness in meeting organizational objectives.

ET-VT – Effectiveness (and) Trust (within a) Virtual Team, which measures how the level of Trust between a Leader and Team Members impacts their ability to meet organizational objectives in an effective manner.

Recent Engagements

Accelerating Trust-Based Relationships for Inter-Departmental Growth in India, Middle East and Africa

Supporting the Sales and Operational Excellence agenda at a leading Property Services Firm as it shapes the UK's Private Rental Sector

Developing Leaders for a rapidly growing Business Advisory Services Firm

Senior Leadership Development at a successful and long established Integrated Technology Services corporation with a multi country footprint

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills for Leaders of Virtual Teams Launching in African Emerging Markets


Clients Say

"Provides clarity even in an uncertain world"

"Honest, direct feedback whilst everyone else avoids the subject"

"Confidence to trust my own judgment "

"Build support when my opinion differs from the majority"

"Makes me want to come to work every morning"

"Leadership by Example, not micro-management"

"Compassion during difficult personal circumstances"

"Importance of being Human at all times"