Kris Wadia is the creator of the proprietary model of Humanized Leadership.

His career journey has ranged from successful entrepreneur to senior management roles in global corporations across 50 countries. Output from his Leadership of large virtual, cross-cultural teams for organizations such as Accenture, OCBC Bank and Pearson plc can be found below.

Kris Wadia and Humanized Leadership can be engaged for:

  • Coaching, Training and Performance Diagnostics for Leaders of Corporations, Government, Not-For-Profits and Non-Departmental Public Bodies wishing to improve performance and productivity with Employees and Clients.
  • Keynote Speeches, Workshops, Seminars, Real-Life Business Simulations and Client Role Plays.
  • Media interviews on Leadership, Trust, Virtual Team Working and Cross-Cultural Management.
  • Guest Lectureships at Academic Institutions, Motivational and After-Dinner Speeches.
  • Appointment as Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Advisory Board Member or Trustee.



A Management Executive Briefing, authored by Kris Wadia, and published by the Financial Times.
It offers a blueprint for communicating via the Internet for the purpose of publicity, information or revenue generation, irrespective of geography, nationality, or culture.


A DVD and Web-based Program on Effective Cross Cultural Communication written and produced by Kris Wadia.
The course is designed to help recognize miscommunication issues early and manage them effectively, resulting in both time and cost savings.


Authored by Kris Wadia, this Euro Study Special Report, allows both specialist finance personnel and non-financial managers around the world to identify and implement a series of practical alternatives to improve corporate profitability.
It includes all major profit and cash flow forecasts and explains how to compute important financial ratios, allowing one to enjoy the benefits of positive cash flow- the lifeblood of any organization.


This handbook, authored by Kris Wadia, provides within a single reference source, every important direct marketing fact in a standard and easy to read format for 11 Asian countries.


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Speaker on 'Give me my IT boom' at the Mexico Business Summit, Mexico.

Keynote speaker on 'Global Technology Trends' at the 10th Annual Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum, USA.

Speaker at the 'CEO-CIO Summit', UK, covered in

Speaker at the 'Confederation of British Industry and Financial Times Conference, UK', covered in The Financial Times.


Speaker at ‘Open Forum', at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, India.

Speaker at 'Spotlighting India', conference at The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, USA.


Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Professional Studies by Public Works (DProf Public Works).

Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK (FCCA).

Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, UK (F IDM).


Founder and Patron of Wadia Computer Lab at J N Petit Orphanage, Pune, India.

Board Member of Prince’s Trust Technology Leadership Group, UK and Trustee of Accenture Foundation, UK from 2004 - 2008.

Non-Executive Member of the Group Board of Advisors.