To portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes.


The act of inspiring, guiding or directing others towards a common goal.


Communication of video, audio and data using digital technology.


It is helpful to understand some of the challenges faced by Leaders of global organizations today.

Their objective is to deliver business results from clients and employees who are increasingly based in different physical locations, often overseas.

Limited travel budgets mean they cannot meet them face-to-face often enough, if at all, to build that critical success factor – Trust.

They have to resort to virtual communication technologies, thereby
adding to the perception that they are nothing more than ‘an email signature’ or a ‘voice on a phone’.

Add in the potential for mis-communication caused by different national and business cultures, multiple time zones, hard-to-understand accents, and the potential for failure is immense.

Newly appointed Leaders or Leaders from emerging markets with team members from developed economies are particularly vulnerable.

It is possible, however, to develop skills for a ‘Humanized’ approach that earns the respect of clients and team members in an increasingly virtualized, cross-cultural world.


There are significant financial and personnel consequences for failing to develop Leaders who are equipped to manage in today’s virtual, cross-cultural, business environment.

Firstly, Head Office management attention gets diverted from clients, revenues and profits to help the Leader who is failing to get traction with Clients or Employees.

At a personal level, the Leader feels unsupported and resigns, or avoids the problem by adding ‘their kind of people’ to their Team, thereby creating internal resentment in other geographies.

Overseas Team members may not perceive the Leader as capable of earning their trust or respect, which results in declining productivity and morale.  Other overseas employees may interpret the Leader’s cross-cultural actions and words negatively, often ending in litigation and reputational damage to the organization.

Clients, too, may feel that their overseas suppliers do not understand their requirements long-distance, resulting in financial losses.

The Humanized Leadership system is designed to identify, manage, and overcome all these challenges at both personal and organizational levels.